Trump’s Team Ends Opening Arguments

Trump's Team Ends Opening Arguments

( – Concluding phase one of the Senate’s trial on the impeachment of President Donald Trump, his legal team wrapped up their initial response to the articles. This leaves many Americans asking “what’s next?” Unfortunately for many who are suffering from an overload of this process, it’s not the vote.

Over the course of 16 hours, individual Senators who make up the jury may pose written questions. When those questions refer to the evidence — such as admissibility and materiality — SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts gets to play a role. Although, his rulings may be overturned by a majority vote of the chamber.

Other questions will be debated by the House’s impeachment managers and Trump’s team, with each side being allotted 2 hours. Following that, the jurors will vote on each query, which will decide, among other things, whether additional evidence or witness testimony may be presented to the body.

This is only the third time in the country’s history that the Senate is sitting for a presidential impeachment trial. In neither of the previous proceedings did the guilty votes reach the required two-thirds majority necessary for conviction.

Politics aside, we are witnesses to an event that will be a part of history for as long as America exists.

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