Trump’s Pennsylvania Legal Challenge Will Likely Go to Supreme Court (REPORT)

Trump's Pennsylvania Legal Challenge Will Likely Go to Supreme Court (REPORT)

( – Allegations of voting irregularities in Pennsylvania have prompted several lawsuits in the state by lawyers working for state Republicans and lawyers working for the Trump campaign. It’s entirely possible one of those cases, or several of them, could go before the Supreme Court for review.

Trump campaign lawyers claimed Pennsylvania election officials improperly counted incomplete ballot counts during a secondary review in a series of five different court filings this week. Likewise, the Trump campaign also filed a lawsuit this week to block Pennsylvania from certifying the election results. Additionally, Trump surrogates made multiple claims election officials barred Republican officials from observing ballot counts.

Stepping into the fray, President Donald Trump blasted GOP election official Al Schmidt on November 11, calling him a Republican in Name Only (RINO). The commander-in-chief also claimed a “mountain of corruption” invaded the City of Philadelphia’s election procedures.

Rudy Giuliani’s Pennsylvania Claim

President Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, echoed the president’s allegations, claiming about 650,000 illegally cast votes ended up in the hands of Pennsylvania election officials located in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He made that assertion during a Fox Business interview with host Lou Dobbs on November 11.

According to Giuliani, there’s “no doubt” someone illegally cast the ballots. Of additional concern, he alleged Republican election observers were unable to monitor vote counts there. Tom Wolf, Pennsylvania’s Democratic governor, and state election officials claim that Democratic and Republican election watchers observed the state’s ballot count process all along. However, the sheer volume of allegations to the contrary raises serious concerns.

Depending on the outcome of Georgia’s mandatory manual recount and court challenges in Pennsylvania and other states, SCOTUS could ultimately decide the winner of the 2020 presidential race. President Donald Trump predicted as much in September 2020.

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