Trump’s New Advisors Tackle Economic Woes

Trump's New Advisors Tackle Economic Woes

( – Presidents have had to deal with major shifts in national and global events throughout history. When events requiring a drastic change occur, uncertainty tends to cause fear in the entire nation, or in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world. Many are asking, when will it be over?

As the leader of the free world, President Trump has a responsibility to take the lead in defeating the virus and restoring health and life as we know it back into the US. This, in turn, will impact other world markets. Trump insists that choosing when to reopen the US economy is “the biggest decision I’ve ever had to make.” He has to balance his strategy of safety with economic revival before it’s too late. He’s also consistently stated that the cure can’t overshadow the problem. The results of his strategy will define the world for years to come.

On Tuesday, Trump announced his dream team of business advisors to study ideas on how to effectively reopen the US economy. This group is called the ‘Opening the Country Council’ and consists of prominent names from the financial and tech worlds.

During Trump’s news conference on Thursday, he announced additional advisors to include a former secretary of state, a former commissioner of the FDA, and a former senator and president of the Heritage Foundation.

Trump, various allies and advisors, and even outsiders agree social distancing measures are hurting the economy. Trump reiterated to say, “To preserve the health of Americans, we must preserve the health of our economy.”

Is it the right time to reopen the country? Time will tell! But if it is, Trump certainly has wise leaders around him to help him make the right decisions.

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