Trump’s Lawyers Totally Expose Cohen In Court

Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – On Thursday, Michael Cohen ended his second day of fierce cross-examinations carried out by former President Donald Trump’s attorney Todd Blanche. 

Blanche repeatedly tried to portray Cohen as a liar while the proceedings ramped up. 

Cohen is expected to be the last witness for the prosecution as the historic hush money trial in Manhattan continued into its fourth week. 

However, when the trial resumes on Monday morning, Trump’s attorney is expected to conclude his cross-examination of Cohen. 

Both the prosecution and the defense suggested that they might rest their cars as early as next Tuesday, as the defense remains tight-lipped on whether or not Trump will testify. 

Instead, prosecutors clarified that Cohen, Trump’s former attorney and fixer, would be their final witness shortly before court broke early for the day. 

The former President’s attorneys revealed they would conclude their cross-examination ahead of Monday’s morning break, prompting prosecutors to reveal they would need an hour for a redirect examination of their star witness. 

Blanche also revealed that any other witness called to the stand, besides their expert witness, would be on and off the stand before the court day ends on Monday. However, he didn’t mention whether he would be calling Trump to testify. 

In response to the itinerary, Judge Juan Mercahan told the prosecutors and Trump’s attorneys to be “prepared” to start their summations by Tuesday should the testimonies wrap on Monday. 

Cohen, currently on his second day of cross-examination, has faced grueling questions about the integrity of his recollections. 

Blanche, Trump’s leading attorney, queried how Cohen could remember with unwavering precision a call that took place nearly eight years ago but had responded “I don’t recall,” about more recent events.

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