Trump’s Latest Endorsement Frustrates Republicans

Trump's Latest Endorsement Frustrates Republicans

( – Former President Donald Trump has been endorsing candidates he believes will build on his America First project – but his latest pick has ruffled some feathers in the North Carolina Republican Party.

On June 15, NC Republicans revealed that Trump’s surprise endorsement earlier this month of Representative Ted Budd (R-NC) for the state’s Senate primary has concerned other candidates who feel they have a better chance of winning the race.

Trump endorsed Budd moments after his daughter-in-law Lara announced that she wouldn’t be running. Other candidates think he’s had bad advice. Budd is definitely a Trump loyalist – last December, he signed up to a lawsuit challenging the election results – but a lot of North Carolina Republicans see him as a Capitol Hill insider who doesn’t really represent the state’s interests.

The fear is that Trump’s endorsement will give Budd a huge boost in the primary, but he won’t be able to carry that through to the actual Senate race. The most popular candidate, reportedly with 44% support, is former Representative Mark Walker – and he has the most to lose from Trump’s endorsement of Budd.

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