Trump’s Immigration Appeal Will End Up Before Supreme Court

Trump's Immigration Appeal Will End Up Before Supreme Court

( – A key reform proposed by President Trump, but blocked by a federal appeals court in September, will go in front of the Supreme Court on November 30. On October 16, the Supreme Court said it will hear arguments on the plan to exclude illegal immigrants from the United States Census – a plan that’s being noisily opposed by Democrats.

The president signed an executive order on July 21 preventing illegals from being counted towards a state’s population when congressional districts are allocated. Leftists say they’re against the move because it could discourage people from responding to the census – but they actually have a much more cynical motive for opposing it.

Congressional districts are apportioned to states based on their population – and, right now, some of those populations are being inflated by people who have no right to be in the US. It’s estimated that California could lose two or three House seats if only legal residents were counted. That also has electoral implications. Each state’s Electoral College votes equal its number of House seats plus two, so left-leaning states like California can increase their political power by allowing more illegals to settle.

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