Trump’s Friendship With Dictator In Question, CC BY 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – Republican presidential candidate and former North Carolina governor Nikki Haley has accused former President Donald Trump of exhibiting too much “friendliness” towards Kim Jong Un, the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

On Tuesday a Politico report noted that Haley had stated in regards to the scheduled meeting between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, that a possible partnership between the two was further evidence that the world’s dictators were uniting. She added that the “tyrants” who are currently leading Iran, China, North Korea, and Russia were against America and its values and that all of their threats needed to be taken seriously.

She proceeded to state that the weakness exhibited by Joe Biden, and the friendliness of former President Donald Trump toward North Korea’s leader were for the worse, not the better. As she said, dictators can only recognize “strength.”

Trump’s 2024 campaign spokesman Steven Cheung has defended Trump’s previous records regarding North Korea, stating that during his administration, there were no new wars because everyone had respect for American leadership and power.  He added that Biden and others were unfortunately in favor of having more “bloodshed and deaths.”

Trump has also often defended his stance towards Kim, pointing out that originally they had started off “rough,”, that he had referred to Kim as a ‘little rocket man’ and that he had even stated that there was a red button in his office that he was willing to use. He added that after that he had received a call about Kim wanting to meet. He further claimed that if he wins a second term in office, he would quickly straighten the situation.

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