Trump’s Fight For Religious Freedom

Trump's Fight For Religious Freedom

( – Earlier this week, President Donald Trump walked off of the grounds of the White House to visit St. John’s Episcopal Church across the street. The historic house of worship was set on fire during riots and the president wanted to see it for himself. The next day, on June 2, the commander-in-chief and the first lady visited the Saint Pope John Paul II shrine.

Both trips by the president were criticized, but what those critics missed was Trump’s long-standing support of religious freedom. And he proved once again, how important that is to him this week with an executive order.

Religious Freedom

After the president returned from the visit to the Saint John Paul II National Shrine, he started making moves to promote religious freedom. He signed the Executive Order on Advancing International Religious Freedom. The executive order states America’s first freedom is both morally imperative and essential to national security. Further, it should extend across the globe. The president said the US “…will respect and vigorously promote” that right.

The second section of the order details his administration’s plans to promote freedom. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is going to develop a plan within 180 days to promote the right to worship. The budget is going to be $50 million and will seek to prevent hate crimes, “…preserve distinct communities,” and “…ensure equal rights” for all groups.

President Trump’s Religious Beliefs

It’s true, President Trump isn’t the most devout Christian executive we’ve had in the history of the country. He may not go to church every week and yeah, he likes to golf on Sunday sometimes. But when it comes to protecting the rights of Americans, he takes quick and decisive action to protect the liberties and rights of all Americans to worship freely. That is far more important than sitting in the pews every Sabbath (for show) and doing nothing.

The First Amendment is arguably the most important. America was literally founded on the concept that we all have the right to worship whatever god we choose. President Trump is doing his best to make sure that fundamental right isn’t eroded.

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