Trump’s FDA Gives Emergency COVID-19 Treatment Approval (REPORT)

Trump's FDA Gives Emergency COVID-19 Treatment Approval (REPORT)

( – On October 2, President Donald Trump announced he tested positive for COVID-19. Later that day, he was admitted to Walter Reed Medical Center and received experimental treatments that helped him fend off the worst of the virus’ complications. He later promised to make the drugs he received available to the public, which has finally happened.

On Saturday, November 21, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved emergency use authorization for Regeneron’s antibody treatment, REGN-COV2, for COVID-19. Studies of the treatment show it helps patients who are suffering from mild-to-moderate coronavirus symptoms. It also reportedly helps reduce the virus’s overall impact and the amount of lung damage.

The authorization is excellent news for physicians and patients alike. Doctors now have one more tool at their disposal to fight the vicious virus. That, coupled with the vaccination news over the last month, shows the US has a pretty good chance of winning this fight thanks to America’s top scientists and President Trump’s hard work.

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