Trump Was Doing Much Better Than Biden at This Point in His Presidency

Trump Was Doing Much Better Than Biden at This Point in His Presidency

Trump Takes Home MAJOR Victory Against Biden Ahead Of Midterms

( – If you listen to the Democrats, former President Donald Trump was unpopular with the American public. Unfortunately for them, polling data shows that he was a lot more popular than at least one other president. Even more unfortunately, that one is President Joe Biden.

A new poll from Rasmussen, released on June 15, shows that 40% of American voters approve of Biden’s performance as president; 58% disapprove. The minority who still support the president aren’t too enthusiastic about it, either. Just 18% strongly approve of the job he’s doing, while 27% strongly disapprove. That gives Biden a -27% Presidential Approval Index — not the worst he’s had, but still pretty terrible. It looks even worse when take into account that, at the same point in his presidency, 49% of voters approved of the job Donald Trump was doing.

This is a worrying statistic for the Democrats. Biden says he wants to run for a second term, and if an incumbent president wants his party’s nomination, he’s almost certain to get it. That means that unless Biden’s mental deterioration gets bad enough that he’s removed from office before 2024, he’ll be the Democrat candidate in the next presidential election — and, unless he can reverse his catastrophic polling numbers, he’s going to lose badly.

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