Trump Warns of “Stolen” Election in Defiant Speech

Trump Warns of

( – President Donald Trump has warned that he won’t tolerate attempts to rig the election results. Addressing the nation just after 2am, the commander-in-chief expressed his worries about the counting process in some of the key states that haven’t yet been declared, with the election hanging on results from Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

In one of the strangest election nights on record, a strong performance from Trump saw Democrat dreams of a landslide quickly evaporate as results from the south started to come in. By the early hours of November 4, the president seemed to be solidly on course for re-election with healthy leads in 6 out of 7 states that hadn’t yet declared.

Then, officials in the remaining states announced they were stopping the count until Wednesday morning – and when numbers started to come in again, the results skewed heavily blue.

The president told the nation, “We were getting ready for a big celebration. We were winning everything,” and then he warned against votes being “found” and added to the count. Within hours of his speech, Biden had gained hundreds of thousands of votes in Michigan and Wisconsin, while almost none had been added to Trump’s tally.

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