Trump Warns Georgia Voters About “Extremist” Raphael Warnock (REPORT)

Trump Warns Georgia Voters About

( – The January runoff elections in Georgia are extremely important. The party that wins those races will control the Senate for the next two years, at least. President Donald Trump traveled to the state recently to make sure Republicans come out on top.

On Saturday, December 5, Trump held a rally in Valdosta, Georgia. During the event, the president told the crowd how important it is that they vote for Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) over her Democratic challenger next month. He called Rev. Raphael Warnock a “dangerous extremist who is radically opposed” to the values they hold dear.

The president pointed to a video that surfaced of Warnock saying soldiers can’t serve “God and the military,” calling it a dishonor to the memories of those who fought for American freedom.

Voters will go to the polls on January 5 to choose between Loeffler and Warnock. The state’s other Republican senator, David Perdue, will also be on the ballot. The GOP needs to win at least one of the races to maintain control of the Senate.

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