Trump Slams McConnell, GOP Ahead of Midterms

Trump Slams McConnell, GOP Ahead of Midterms

( – Former president Donald Trump has a harsh message for the Republican Party – if it wants to win at next year’s midterm elections, it needs to put forward better candidates.

Talking to Fox News on December 19, Trump told host Maria Bartiromo strong candidates are going to be vital in the 2022 primaries. He warned some candidates – who he didn’t name – aren’t up to the task. “We have candidates that are not strong,” he said. “They’re RINOs, and they’re not strong. We need tougher people.” He added there are also some great candidates.

There’s one person Trump definitely doesn’t think is a great candidate; it’s Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who he called “a disaster.” Trump slammed McConnell for working with Democrats to let them raise the debt ceiling. He said the Kentucky senator had just made it easier for President Biden to get his agenda through Congress.

Democrats are desperate to get the main elements of their agenda passed before the midterms, because confident Republicans expect to make gains in both the House and Senate. Trump is right, of course; it will take strong candidates to make it happen.

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