Trump Slams Democratic Party for Extremist Gender Ideology Promotion

Trump Slams Democratic Party for Extremist Gender Ideology Promotion

( – Former President Donald Trump has stepped into the ongoing culture wars, slamming the Biden administration for pushing an “extreme” gender ideology. Trump gleefully accused the Democrats of “waging war on reality, war on science, war on children,” and “war on women” while speaking at a rally in Michigan over the weekend.


While rallying his base in Washington Township, MI, Trump called on Republican lawmakers to stand up to the far-left Democrats who are pushing their agenda on parents and children.

Since Joe Biden got elected, it appears that the sitting president has allowed his party’s left wing to push the full range of ultra-liberal theories, fetishizing race and gender identities at the expense of American values. Last week, the Department of Health and Human Services released a new paper recommending gender-changing surgery for children, and the same day Biden gave a speech that seemed to endorse this by calling on parents to “affirm” transgender children.

Trump asked congressional Republicans to stand up for the rights of parents now, and to completely ban Critical Race Theory (CRT) from every part of government if the GOP takes back control of Congress after the midterm elections. However, the gender debate was probably the hardest-hitting part of his speech. Transgender activists are now actively pushing their ideology in schools, with the collaboration of Democrats.

Trump warned this is just storing up trouble for the future. He also suggested that the Republican Party is now the party of American women. Women make up 50.52% of American voters, and the Democrats seem to be working very hard to alienate them.

Could the gender ideology debate be the winning ticket for Republicans in the upcoming 2022 midterms?

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