Trump Skips GOP Debate

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

( – Former President Trump has announced that he will be skipping the second Republican primary debate which took place last night. However, despite not appearing on stage, the other candidates kept debating with him on the stage, as they did during the first debate.

Instead of sharing the spotlight with the other GOP candidates, Trump delivered a speech while meeting with auto workers who are currently on strike. While his scheduled appearance might not pull a lot of attention from the debate stage, it will still distract from the debate, especially as Trump is the frontrunner in the field.

Republican strategist Jason Cabel Roe, who is based in Michigan, argued that the morning after the debate, every news station is going to be covering two different stories. The only big question is determining which of the two is going to make the headlines.

Trump is going to deliver his speech in Detroit in front of United Automobile Workers (UAW) who are currently on a major strike. Roe has argued that this move is going to allow Trump to equalize his standing in Michigan, while also getting the support of working-class GOP members from other states.

Last month Trump chose to not attend the first Republican primary debate organized by the Republican National Committee (RNC). Instead, he released an interview with former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson. He has also announced that he does not intend to attend the third Republican presidential debate which is scheduled to take place on November 8 in Miami.

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