Trump Shuts Down CDC Race Theory Course

Trump Shuts Down CDC Race Theory Course

( – President Trump hasn’t wasted any time in showing his new ban on divisive “Critical Race Theory” training for federal employees has teeth. Although the president announced the ban on September 5, the CDC decided to go ahead with a scheduled CRT indoctrination session last Thursday – September 10.

Luckily, their plan was discovered and announced by Chris Rufo, a researcher from the conservative Discovery Institute, and the administration has taken swift action. The CDC has been specifically ordered not to waste any more taxpayers’ money on CRT, and future training sessions in the program have now been canceled.

Critical Race Theory is an ideology based on French postmodernism that assumes every interaction between people of different races is affected by racism – which all white people are guilty of, according to the theory – and aims to identify and “fight” racist beliefs, which CRT defines as anything except CRT.

President Trump has called CRT, which even many on the Left are concerned about, “a sickness that cannot be allowed to continue.”

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