Trump Scores a Win For Patients’ Rights

Trump Scores A Win For Patients' Rights

( – On Tuesday, President Trump won a major victory for healthcare rights when a federal judge rejected a legal challenge to new price transparency rules. The judgment means hospitals will be forced to disclose the prices they negotiate with health insurance companies.

Traditionally, hospitals have been able to agree on prices with insurers. However, they’ve also been able to hide that information from patients, making US healthcare bills notoriously difficult to understand. The Trump administration has put a high priority on making healthcare more transparent, so patients can make more informed decisions about the care they get.

Polling shows that 88% of the American public support this – but hospitals and insurers continue to resist. They say that telling people what things actually cost won’t help them understand their medical bills – which are infamous for hiding what things actually cost.

In Tuesday’s ruling, Federal Judge Carl Nichols decided that forcing hospitals to reveal their prices didn’t violate their First Amendment rights. He also granted a summary judgment that stops the American Hospital Association’s case from going to court.

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