Trump Says Republicans Will Take Back White House in 2024

Trump Says Republicans Will Take Back White House in 2024

( – Former President Donald Trump praised the loyalty and enthusiasm of the Republican grassroots on Saturday as he predicted the GOP will win the 2024 presidential election. With President Joe Biden nose-diving in the polls, the Republicans – and Trump – are energized and increasingly optimistic.

On January 15, Trump spoke to a packed rally in Florence, AZ, his first rally of 2022. The crowd was enthusiastic and Trump was in a bullish mood, playing up the GOP’s prospects for 2024. In a lively atmosphere, one attendee said was “almost like a MAGA Woodstock,” Trump praised his supporters and told them, No one’s ever “had a movement like this.” No one’s ever “had spirit like this or a crowd like this.”

Trump also slammed the current administration, calling Biden “weak” and “deranged.” He criticized Republicans who sided with the Democrats in last January’s attempt to impeach him, and pointed out they’re being removed from office by their local parties or the voters.

Democrats and the liberal media tried to downplay the size of the rally, with some taking to Twitter to claim only a few hundred people attended. In reality, there was a large crowd, with some people waiting hours to get in and a traffic jam of late arrivals outside. Donald Trump is still the unquestioned leader of the GOP, and Biden’s faltering performance is imbuing him and his supporters with confidence ahead of this fall’s midterm elections.

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