Trump Says His White House Would’ve Never Allowed Putin to Get Away With Actions Like Biden Did

Trump Says His White House Would've Never Allowed Putin to Get Away With Actions Like Biden Did

( – Former President Donald Trump relentlessly blasted President Joe Biden for a long list of failures during a Wednesday, February 23 interview with Fox News. Trump heavily criticized the current commander-in-chief’s approach to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and his blunders during the disastrous withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Former President Compares Notes

Trump first honed in on a point many of his supporters continue to make about the crisis in Ukraine — namely, that it wouldn’t have happened under his watch. He agreed with their sentiment wholeheartedly.

“It should have never happened,” Trump explained. “This would not have happened during my administration… for a very good reason.”

While the former president refrained from explaining the nature of his reasoning, some analysts believe he may have been hinting at stark differences between leadership styles. Trump took a much more hardline approach to foreign matters during his time in office and was never afraid to take officials to task. Yet, at times, he also appeared to have a stronger diplomatic relationship with Vladimir Putin, which may have granted him more leeway.

Trump also drew parallels between differences in the global economy under the Trump and Biden administrations. Oil prices remained low under Trump, which he feels may have had a chilling effect on the Kremlin’s decision to attack Ukraine. They’re now higher than ever under Joe Biden.

“Putin is not only getting what he wanted,” he told Ingraham, “but getting, because of the oil and gas surge, richer and richer.”

At the very least, it means the Kremlin has access to more money — and more money makes it easier to fund planned military actions.

Trump Criticizes Biden’s Many Gaffes

Former President Donald Trump also criticized many of Biden’s other key gaffes over the last year, specifically drawing Ingraham’s attention to the government’s shaky withdrawal from Afghanistan. He believes the disastrous exercise, which eventually led to a total Taliban takeover in the nation’s capital, emboldened Putin’s attack on Ukraine.

His theory? A crafty Putin witnessed the military failure to exit the region in a smooth, organized fashion and labeled both Biden and the US government officials incompetent. That the Taliban, a relatively small terrorist cell, was able to step into power simultaneously only proved a world power could potentially move into a new region with very little resistance from the US.

“I really believe that’s where he started thinking he could do this,” Trump told Ingraham.

The former president also placed some of the blame on the long-debunked and derided Russian collusion hoax from 2016. He told Ingraham the false case soured his relations with the Kremlin and President Xi of China, forcing the two leaders closer together and making each more powerful in his own right.

“I kept them apart,” he explained. “Biden now, it’s a great love fest, and that’s a very bad thing.”

Trump also took time to lament the unnecessary loss of Ukrainian and Russian lives in the current conflict, saying the news of the crisis left him feeling angry and sad. “It’s certainly sad for a lot of people,” he explained,”that are going to be needlessly killed.”

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