Trump Says He Will “Handle” Who?

Donald Trump Reportedly To Delay His Running Announcement Until 2023

During an interview with David Brody on “The Water Cooler” on Monday former President Trump sounded confident that he would be able to handle Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) if the latter chose to launch a presidential campaign for 2024.

Brody asked Trump during the interview if he thought that it would be a bad idea for DeSantis to launch a presidential campaign. So far, DeSantis has not disclosed any plans that he might potentially be looking to place on the bid for the White House. Despite this, following his rise in prominence and his recent success in the 2022 election there are many who are speculating that he is considering placing a bid.

In response, Trump said that he had heard the speculations that DeSantis might seek to run against him and that if that is the case he would handle everything in the way he has always handled them. Trump also noted that in 2018, DeSantis was only successful in his first gubernatorial campaign because he had Trump’s support.

A recent Yahoo News-YouGov poll released last month showed that DeSantis was currently in the lead against Trump with 47 percent supporting him and 42 percent supporting Trump. This is not the only poll to have shown DeSantis leading the polls. A poll from Vanderbilt University from the same time showed DeSantis having 54 percent of support while Trump only had 41 percent.

The only poll that does not appear to follow this trajectory is the one that Trump released from his own polling firm McLaughlin & Associates, where 58 percent appeared to be in favor of Trump and only 36 percent was in favor of DeSantis.

In November 2022, DeSantis managed to secure his reelection with a 19-point difference. Florida as a whole turned redder with many key counties also flipping.