Trump Says Biden Administration Is Worst in American History

Trump Says Biden Administration Is Worst in American History

( – Former president Donald Trump has blasted his predecessor, calling him the worst leader in US history. Trump laid out a catalog of disasters that have plagued the Biden administration, and placed the blame squarely on the current president.

On October 30, while talking to Fox News at his Mar-A-Lago resort, Trump was asked on how he’d grade the administration. “I think you’d have to say an F,” he replied. “It’s a failed administration, it’s a disaster.”

While Trump had many criticisms of the Biden administration, he focused heavily on August’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan – and said he’d seen one of the biggest problems coming. Trump said when he originally planned the pullout of US troops, he told Joint Chiefs Chairman General Mark Milley to get every piece of military equipment out of the unstable country. Milley reportedly told him it would be cheaper to leave the equipment there – and Trump replied, “That’s a fool talking.” He said he lost his respect for Milley at that moment. Of course, now huge amounts of US-supplied military equipment are in the hands of the Taliban.

Trump said that he “would love to see [Biden] do well,” but slammed the new administration as an “embarrassment.” The former president still hasn’t confirmed or denied plans for 2024. However, if Biden doesn’t get his act together, could he risk launching Donald Trump on a course back to the White House?

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