Trump Reveals How He Really Feels About Mike Pence

Trump Reveals How He Really Feels About Mike Pence

( – Former President Donald Trump and former Vice President Mike Pence were once good friends. The men ran on the same ticket in 2016 and won, beating political machine Hillary Clinton. For nearly the entire time they were in office they got along well. On January 6, 2021, that all changed and Trump is now speaking out about his feelings toward Pence.

On January 6, 2021, Pence was on Capitol Hill to certify the Electoral College votes and make the results of the 2020 election official. Many Republicans, including Trump, wanted the VP to refuse to certify the vote thereby giving it to the 45th president. Pence said he had no authority to do it (legal scholars agree) and certified the election anyway. Since then, their relationship has been sour.

During an interview with the Washington Examiner on March 15, Trump was asked if he’d have Pence on his ticket again if he decides to run in 2024. The former president said he doesn’t think the party would accept the ex-VP.

Trump went on to say the former vice president could have changed the results of the election even though Pence said he couldn’t. The former POTUS went on to say they used to have a “great relationship” but he hasn’t “spoken to [Pence] in a long time.”

Would you accept Mike Pence if he ran for vice president again?

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