Trump Releases Uncensored Audio of Piers Morgan Interview — Narrative Completely Flips

Trump Releases Uncensored Audio of Piers Morgan Interview -- Narrative Completely Flips

( – There was great excitement in the left-wing media last week when an advertisement for Piers Morgan’s new show appeared to show former President Donald Trump storming out of the studio. Now Trump has revealed what really happened. Is Morgan up to his old deceptive tricks again?

On April 20, British media personality Piers Morgan released an advert for his new show, “Piers Morgan Uncensored,” featuring a preview of an interview with the former president. The clip appeared to show Morgan pressing Trump on his claim the 2020 election was rigged, and an angry, irrational Trump standing up and telling the crew to turn the cameras off. Liberal media, smelling blood in the water, immediately joined in with the usual criticism of Trump.

Now, though, Trump has released an unedited audiotape made by his own team – and it tells a very different story. In fact, Trump only asked for the cameras to be turned off after the interview had ended, and the one-hour interview — which was only scheduled to take 20 minutes, leading Trump to call Morgan “very dishonest” — was mostly cordial. It seems Morgan’s team had simply cut out short clips of Trump becoming animated and stitched them together to make it look like he lost his temper under tough questioning.

Trump released a statement shortly after the ad aired, slamming Morgan as part of the “Fake News Media” and accusing him of “deceptively” editing the “long and tedious” interview. He urged people to view Piers’ advert and then compare it to the full version of Trump’s recorded interview.

Morgan has a long history of dishonest journalism. In 2004, he was fired as editor of the Daily Mirror after publishing photos of British troops allegedly committing war crimes, which turned out to be fake.

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