Trump Prosecutor’s Dark Past Comes To Light

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

( – In a recent investigative report published by the New York Post, a series of revelations emerged concerning Karen Gilbert, a prominent prosecutor involved in the Department of Justice’s indictment against Donald Trump for his alleged mishandling of classified documents. The report shed light on allegations of unethical behavior against Gilbert in a federal drug case, unveiling a controversial aspect of her professional history. Prior to joining Special Counsel Jack Smith’s team, Gilbert held a significant position as the head of the narcotics division at the Miami Attorney’s office. However, her career took a turn when she was compelled to resign from her position following her involvement in an illegal wiretapping incident targeting a defense attorney back in 2009.

The incident in question dates back to June 2007 when Dr. Ali Shaygan, a highly regarded family medicine physician in Florida, encountered a tragic situation. One of his patients, James Brendan Downey, tragically lost his life after being administered a prescribed dose of methadone. Gilbert, along with her colleague, suspected that the defendant had engaged in witness tampering, which prompted them to take the drastic step of wiretapping the physician’s lawyer. However, to their detriment, they neglected to seek proper authorization from the local United States Attorney, Acosta, prior to conducting the wiretap.

Despite Gilbert’s attempt to defend their actions based on ethical considerations, the wiretap failed to yield any substantial information pertinent to the case. Dr. Shaygan, who was ultimately found not guilty on all charges, voiced his dissatisfaction in an interview with the Post, questioning Gilbert’s fitness to hold the position of a federal prosecutor and highlighting the lack of evidence supporting her ethical conduct. The repercussions of Gilbert’s mishandling of the Shaygan case were significant, as United States District Judge Gold deemed it appropriate for the government to reimburse Shaygan a sum of $601,795 to cover his legal expenses.

The New York Post report also delved into another aspect of Gilbert’s professional life that has raised eyebrows: her political donations. FEC records indicate that Gilbert has made financial contributions to Democratic candidates running for federal office, including President Biden and former President Obama. This disclosure has intensified the criticism surrounding Gilbert’s suitability as a federal prosecutor, with concerns raised about potential bias or favoritism in her approach to cases.

The revelations uncovered by the New York Post’s investigation have ignited a fresh wave of scrutiny regarding Karen Gilbert’s professional conduct. These developments have raised important questions about the ethical standards upheld within the Department of Justice and have underscored the need for transparency and accountability within the prosecutorial system. As the story continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how these allegations and the subsequent public discourse will impact Gilbert’s career and the broader perception of the justice system.

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