Trump Praised For Taking A Stand Against Child Trafficking

Trump Applauded for Fighting Against Child Trafficking During Presidency

( – A child protection campaigner has praised President Trump for his anti-trafficking efforts, saying the last administration’s policies had an “incredible impact” on the problem.

In a February 5 interview with NTD, Jaco Booyens, the founder of SHAREtogether, said that he commended the Trump Administration’s efforts to denounce and fight against child trafficking. Booyens also said there has been a “tremendous rise” in both the rescue of child trafficking victims and the arrest of suspects thanks to Trump’s policies.

Booyens has worked to end trafficking since his younger sister became a victim and makes films to raise awareness of the problem. He was being interviewed after a major operation in Riverside County, CA arrested 64 people on suspicion of trafficking offenses. According to Booyens, for operations like this to succeed, police need support from federal agencies – and the Trump administration made sure they got it.

During his time in office, Trump issued multiple executive orders related to child trafficking, including one designed specifically to help target the exploitation of children. He also helped Congress create other human trafficking laws, such as the “Protecting Young Victims from Sexual Abuse and Safe Sport Authorization Act,” the “Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign Authorization Act” and more.

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