Trump Ousts Pandemic Watchdog

Trump Ousts Pandemic Watchdog

( – Glenn Fine, an official appointed during the Obama administration, was leading the office of the Inspector General (IG) for the Pentagon until Tuesday, when he was relieved abruptly of his duties by President Trump.

Fine was initially tapped by Trump to chair the new Pandemic Response Accountability Committee established to overlook spending of the $2.2 trillion coronavirus relief bill. The firing means Fine is now ineligible.

Trump has been suspicious of IGs whom he felt have been thwarting his policies. Key Republicans have been urging the president since early on to clean house by getting rid of Obama administration holdovers.

Sean O’Donnell, who serves as the inspector general at the Environmental Protection Agency was appointed as a temporary replacement for Fine. The new assignment does not mean that O’Donnell will chair the pandemic oversight committee, though. A larger group of IGs will eventually decide whom among their number to select to fill that vacancy.

Loyalty and accountability are very important to Trump. Many prominent Republicans agree with the president that the so-called “deep state” has been thwarting his efforts to run the country in a manner consistent with his pledge to make this country great again for all Americans.

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