Trump Opinion On Midterm Elections

Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

In an Election Day interview with NewsNation, former President Donald Trump relayed his belief he should be given all the credit should his endorsements win but expected to receive “very little” credit if that is the case.

When Markie Martin, a correspondent for NewsNation, asked the former President how much credit he believes he should get for the victory and losses of his endorsed candidates, Trump explained that for wins he should “get all the credit,” for losses he “should not be blamed at all.”

However, Trump expressed his doubts this would happen, saying, “it’ll probably be just the opposite.”

The former President expressed confidence in his endorsements, saying that “when they win,” many of his endorsed candidates would have him to thank because he “told people to run, and they ran, and they turned out to be very good candidates.”

However, Trump noted receiving any positive acknowledgment for his role in producing winners would be unlikely. He described, from his experience, that “when they do well, I won’t be given any credit,” but if the opposite occurs, “they will blame everything on me.”

Trump stated he was prepared for anything, including defending himself, should he be blamed for losses.

In this election cycle, the former President has endorsed 330 candidates and has developed a strong track record in GOP primaries, but whether that strong track record will translate on Election Day remains to be seen.

Yet, Trump and his team seem confident his track record of producing winners will continue.

Taylor Budowich, a spokesman for Trump, expressed that a Trump endorsement “meant bigger margins of victory and an ever-growing movement for the future.”