Trump May Come Out VICTORIOUS — Onward To 2024!

New Poll Shows FBI Raid Won't Affect Trump 2024

New Poll Shows FBI Raid Won’t Affect Trump 2024

( – Many Conservatives believe the August 8 FBI raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home wasn’t really about alleged crimes he’s committed. Instead, they think it was a political stunt aimed at damaging his chances of being re-elected in 2024. If that was the Left’s plan, it hasn’t worked.

Two polls show that despite all the media uproar about the FBI’s invasion and search of Trump’s home, and the seizure of supposed classified documents, the former president’s popularity with the Republican base hasn’t been dented. The polls, both conducted by I&I/TIPP, were carried out just over a month apart — the first from August 2-4, just before the raid, and the second from September 7-9. The August poll showed 53% of Republicans would vote for Trump in the GOP primaries if he runs. In September, after the notorious raid? Trump’s support had actually risen to 54%.

Since he first ran for election in 2016, Trump has been the most persecuted candidate, and later president, in US history. He’s faced two impeachment attempts and a slew of investigations from federal and state authorities — but he’s never been convicted of anything. Despite the failure of every attempt to defeat Trump in the courts, the Democrats keep trying. It’s very possible the FBI raid was another example of this. If it was, it looks like it’s failed again.

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