Trump Laments Assassination of Japanese Prime Minister

Trump Laments Assassination of Japanese Prime Minister

Assassination UPDATE – Trump Is Devastated

( – Former President Donald Trump has paid tribute to murdered Japanese politician Shinzo Abe. As prime minister of Japan, Abe was a major Trump ally. More than that, Trump said, he was “a true friend” of both our president and our country.

On July 8, Abe was in the city of Nara giving a campaign speech for a candidate from his Liberal Democratic Party. Less than a minute into it, an assailant, 41-year-old Tetsuya Yamagami, approached him from behind, drew a homemade gun, and fired. The first shot missed, but when Abe turned to confront his attacker the second shot hit him in the chest. He died in hospital five hours later.

In a statement shortly after the news of Abe’s death broke, Trump praised the former prime minister as “a truly great man and leader.” Calling Abe a true friend of America, he offered prayers for the former prime minister and his family.

This isn’t the first time Trump has praised Abe. In 2020, days before he stepped down for health reasons, Trump called Abe Japan’s greatest ever prime minister. He was the longest-serving leader of postwar Japan and the first foreign leader to meet with Trump after his election in 2016. With many shared beliefs, they worked closely together on issues like North Korea’s aggression. Trump has lost a friend and ally and Japan has lost one of its most respected politicians.

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