Trump Impeachment Witness Denounces Military Leader After Disturbing Claims

Trump Impeachment Witness Says General Should Resign

( – A US Army officer who testified against former president Donald Trump at his impeachment trial is turning out to be uncomfortably impartial. Now, he’s calling for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to resign.

A new book by two veteran reporters accuses General Mark Milley, the senior US military officer, of going behind President Trump’s back by contacting the leadership of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. Bob Woodward and Robert Costa say General Milley contacted his communist counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, in late October 2020 and then again this January to discuss Trump.

After these allegations came to light, Lieutenant-Colonel Alexander Vindman said that if they were true, Milley needed to resign. He went on to criticize the General in a social media post for “usurp[ing] civilian authority” and setting a “dangerous precedent.”

Woodward and Costa’s book also says Milley tried to interfere with Trump’s control over the US military, telling officers the president’s orders should only be executed if Milley approved them – clearly violating the principle of civilian control over the military. Milley has now confirmed that he made calls to China, but insists that they were “perfectly within the duties and responsibilities” of his position.

Democrats praised LT COL Vindman when he testified against Trump, and insisted that he had to be taken seriously. Now he’s saying one of the most woke military commanders in US history needs to go. Will they want to listen to him?

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