Trump Hits Liberal Public Schools Like Never Before

Photo by CDC on Unsplash

( Former President Trump is pushing for school principals to be selected by student’s parents in a new campaign video.

The video which was released on Thursday has Trump saying that there is no one that knows better than parents what children need. He proceeds to say that if the principal is not fulfilling his duties then it should be up to the parents to vote and have them removed. It should also be up to the parents to elect someone new for the position, giving them complete local control over their children’s education.

Education has become one of the key issues that Trump appears to be focusing on for his 2024 presidential campaign. Despite the slow start to the launch of his third presidential bid, he is now intensifying his efforts. Recently Trump vowed that all states and school districts that follow his plan to have principals elected, would be rewarded. Trump also argued that tenure should not be available for K-12 teachers and that the number of school administrators should be cut down. Finally, he has also called for the parental bill of rights to be adopted nationwide.

He added that when he became president again he would do everything to put the power back in the hands of the parents. He added that children should have a “high-quality, pro-American education.”

Many Republicans are focusing on education as they are opposing many of the left-wing approaches to race, gender identity, and sexual orientation from being taught in schools. Many have also deemed that these topics are inappropriate for younger students.

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