Trump Gets HUGE AWARD – He’s Finally Getting It!

Trump To Get Theodor Herzl Medallion by the Zionist Organization of America

Trump To Get Theodor Herzl Medallion by the Zionist Organization of America

( – Former President Donald Trump formed an incredible relationship with Israel during his administration. While the US has always been allied with the nation, he not only cemented that further but also brokered agreements to keep Israel safe and prosperous.

Nearly two years after leaving office, Trump is receiving an award from a Jewish organization to thank him for all of his hard work.

Prestigious Award

The Zionist Organization of America announced it is awarding Trump with the Theodor Herzl Medallion at a gala on November 13. The honor is not usually given to people, but the group explained why it was moving forward in an email to its members.

All Israel News reported the email stated Trump was the “best friend Israel ever had in the White House” throughout his term. The correspondence contained a list of the former POTUS’ accomplishments during his time in the Oval Office, including moving the US embassy to Jerusalem.

The medallion pays homage to Theodor Herzl, who is known as the founder of Zionism. He organized the first Congress of Zionists and advocated for the world to establish a homeland for the Jewish people. It finally happened 40 years after his death with the establishment of Israel.

At the November gala, Dr. Miriam Adelson will present Trump with the award. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) is also receiving an award at the event.

Trump’s Accomplishments

One of Trump’s most enduring legacies will undoubtedly be the way he helped Israel. When he took office, he made comments about wanting peace in the Middle East. Political pundits laughed at him, but stopped snickering at the end of his term when he announced historic peace deals.

In September 2020, the Israeli prime minister and the foreign ministers of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain visited the White House to sign the Abraham Accords. They laid out an agreement for a relationship between the Jewish country and the predominately Muslim nations.

As mentioned, Trump also moved the US embassy to Jerusalem after decades of other American leaders pledging to do the same. In 2019, he signed an order which recognized Israel’s claim over the Golan Heights, an area the country annexed from Syria in 1981. The former POTUS was also the first American president to travel to Israel and pray at the Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall.

Do you think Trump was Israel’s best friend during his time in office?

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