Trump Fires Back After Biden Criticizes MAGA’s Role in America

Trump Fires Back After Biden Criticizes MAGA's Role in America

Trump Skewers Biden For His Comments On The MAGA Movement

( – Last week, President Biden called his predecessor’s Make America Great Again movement the “most extreme political organization” in recent US history. Considering our country still has a variety of communist and neo-Nazi parties, the claim is obviously ridiculous anyway. Now, former President Trump has devastated Biden’s already weak rants.

On May 4, Biden launched his attack on MAGA during the uproar caused by the leaked Supreme Court papers on Roe v. Wade. The next day Trump hit back, saying Biden was being “divisive” and arguing instead that MAGA was saving the country from Biden’s own incompetence. Trump highlighted inflation, the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, the border crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine among other shortcomings as examples of problems caused by Biden’s weak leadership. Trump said Vladimir Putin would never have attacked Ukraine if he had still been in the White House.

Asked if Biden had been right to claim the Republican Party is now “the MAGA party,” Trump answered, “I hope so.” He went on to say all the Left can do is spread disinformation.

Former Vice President Mike Pence also took down Biden’s claims, saying the president sounded “desperate.” With Biden’s approval ratings at a new record low, Pence said he was “exploring the bowels of American approval numbers” — and warned attacks on MAGA by such an unpopular president will only further motivate its members.

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