Trump Drops BIG CLUE About His Next Plans!

Trump Drops Big Hint About 2024 Plans

Trump Drops Big Hint About 2024 Plans

( – Former President Donald Trump has been hinting at another run for the White House for quite a while but has fallen short of making a formal announcement. Recent polls from RealClearPolitics show the former US leader, a clear favorite for the Right, ahead of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) by 23 points in a fictitious scenario.

On October 22, Trump traveled to Texas for a rally in Robstown, where he teased about another presidential run in 2024. The former commander-in-chief said he would “probably have to” run again to save America. The operative word being — probably — as he did not fully commit to a formal campaign.

The crowd responded favorably to his declaration, cheering him on. As of now, voters don’t know who will run for the Oval Office in the upcoming general election. Neither side has a committed candidate, although President Joe Biden has said he intends to run, and many think DeSantis will make a bid himself. It appears the politicians are waiting until at least after the midterm elections to reveal their plans in full.

During Trump’s speech in Texas, he talked about the failures of the Biden Administration regarding immigration and border security, claiming “illegal aliens” are coming across the southern border in droves. He said the American people deserve better, indicating voters need to vote Republicans into office in order to protect the nation. The former leader predicted a “Texas-size landslide” for the Right.

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