Trump Delivers First Major Speech Since Leaving Office

Trump Delivers First Major Speech Since Leaving Office

( – Donald Trump started his political comeback at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday, hitting the Biden administration in a series of powerful blows. As GOP voters marched outside to show their support, the former president hammered his opponents on both sides of the political divide.

President Biden was Trump’s main target; he slammed his successor for harming the education of young Americans by caving in to teaching unions, creating a new border crisis with his muddled and lax immigration policies, and risking the nation’s energy supplies.

As well as the Democrats, Trump had harsh words for rebel Republicans who didn’t support his leadership. He singled out 17 legislators who voted with Democrats to impeach him or tried to sabotage his administration in other ways. He also spoke about Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) during his speech, referring to her as a “warmonger.”

In welcome news for his base, while Trump stopped short of declaring a 2024 White House run, he dropped some heavy hints that he’s planning one. He also squashed claims that he plans to set up a new party, making it clear he still sees himself the same way his supporters do – the leader of the GOP.

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