Trump Celebrates Victory of 26 Candidates With His Endorsement

Trump Celebrates Victory of 26 Candidates With His Endorsement

Trump Endorsements Continue Proving WINNING TICKET

( – Former President Donald Trump has been handing out his endorsement to those he believes are best for the future of America, and his success rate at picking the right horse is on-point most of the time. On August 24, the previous US leader took to his social media platform to celebrate a 98.4% victory for those he backed. That evening, he said 26 of his endorsed candidates won their primaries while touting zero losses.

Politico reported that Trump gave his golden seal of approval to 19 candidates in Florida, who each won a spot on the November ballot. Representative Matt Gaetz (R-FL) claimed a spot on the ticket with almost 70% of the vote, proving Trump’s influence is alive and well in the Republican party.

A few other states with Trump-backed politicians who recently claimed wins included Alaska, New York, and Wyoming.

While many of the GOP contenders were unopposed, there were some fighting tough races where his picks came out on top. Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis (R) was also unopposed in the primary and will likely win against the Democrat in November. Although some say he has his sights set on a White House bid in 2024, he has said he’s more focused on his state.

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