Trump Again Teases 2024 Run During Florida Event

Trump Again Teases 2024 Run During Florida Event

( – Former President Donald Trump has dropped another hint he might be planning a second White House run in 2024. With the Biden Administration floundering, Trump seems to sense an opportunity to get his MAGA project back on the road.

On December 12, Trump, along with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly, held a rally at the Amway Center in Orlando, FL. The event was part of the Trump and O’Reilly “History Tour,” featuring discussions of the Trump presidency.

During the event, Trump told the audience “We won the first time, and the second time we won by even more… it looks like we might have to think very strongly about a third time.” It was one of the clearest hints yet the former president is planning a political comeback – and it wasn’t the first hint of the History Tour.

At the first event, on Saturday night in Sunrise, FL, Trump told O’Reilly Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) would make a good vice president. He wrote off former Vice President Mike Pence, saying he had been “mortally wounded” by the January 6 Capitol riot. Pence is more likely to be a competitor than a running mate in 2024; he’s recently hinted at running himself.

For now, though, Trump is the clear leader among grassroots Republicans – and Sunday’s rally will likely generate even more enthusiasm.

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