Truckers March Against Inoculation Mandate in Canada

Truckers March Against Inoculation Mandate in Canada

( – Earlier this month, Canada’s ultra-liberal government introduced a vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers. Now drivers are pushing back.

Starting January 15, unvaccinated Canadian truckers entering the country from the US had to take a COVID-19 test and quarantine themselves. Unvaccinated foreign drivers – mostly US ones – were banned from entering Canada on the same day. With up to 20% of truckers falling foul of the law, this could cause serious disruption to North American supply chains – and even push inflation to new levels.

On January 23, a convoy of hundreds of truckers set out from Vancouver towards the Canadian capital of Ottawa in protest over the vaccine rules. The group has already raised $2.2 million to fund its campaign. The money will be used to pay for food, fuel and lodging on the 2,982-mile trip according to the truckers’ Gofundme page.

The truckers are calling for the mandate to be lifted immediately. While the Canadian Trucking Alliance is also opposed to the mandate, it says it doesn’t support any protest on public roads and is calling on truckers to hold an organized protest on Parliament Hill. In the meantime, they say, drivers should comply with the mandate. However, it seems many of their members have had enough.

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