Transgender Regret Video Censored

Transgender Regret Video Censored

( – In yet another example of how social platforms censor Conservatives, YouTube just blocked a Heritage Foundation video of a transgender man talking about his regrets. YouTube claims the video violated its hate speech policy.

In the video, Walt Heyer said experimental hormones and surgery should not be tried on children who suffer from gender dysphoria. How that could ever be considered hate speech is anyone’s guess.

Heyer’s “Hate Speech”

Heyer, who lived for eight years as a woman, explains on his website that he “de-transitioned more than 25 years ago.” He says he learned the truth that appearances may be changed, but “nothing changes the immutable fact of your sex.”

In the censored video, Heyer admits he has “a mutilated body” and a life “that was destroyed in many ways.” Ultimately Heyer credits Christ for his redemption.

YouTube’s Lame Response

YouTube sent an email to The Federalist saying their hate speech policy applied to any videos which claim that a person’s sexuality or gender identity is a mental illness or disease. They also called out Heyer’s claim that people are “not born transgender.” And they had a problem with Heyer’s assertion that adults and schools are complicit in harming children.

Heritage Director Emilie Kao tried to appeal to YouTube, arguing that Heyer defined gender dysphoria in the same way the DSM-V does.

Kao said children and families who are dealing with this disorder should be able to hear both sides of the story.

Heritage says this move by YouTube to remove their video just shows how leftists will not stop until they silence Conservatives on provocative subjects like gender dysphoria.

The problem is YouTube and other left-leaning social platforms apply their policies unevenly. They’re removing an entire side of the argument — this is not helpful to the transgender community, nor is it helpful to any of us.

YouTube may have taken down Heyer’s original video, but Heritage is not taking it lying down. They quickly put up another video of Heyer, making particular emphasis on YouTube’s censorship of the first video. Sorry YouTube, but one way or another, Conservatives will be heard.

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