Toyota SUVs Recalled After Wheels and Axles Detach

Toyota SUVs Recalled After Wheels and Axles Detach

Toyota Recalls Thousands Of EVs For DANGEROUS Problem

( – Japanese car maker Toyota has recalled one of its latest SUVs after discovering an “embarrassing” fault. It seems the wheels are prone to falling off. That’s not what buyers want in a high-tech vehicle.

Last Thursday, June 23, Toyota issued a recall for its new bZ4X electric SUV. According to the company, after “low-mileage use” the hub bolts can loosen enough causing the wheel to come off the vehicle. The company says this “could” cause loss of control, “increasing” the risk of crashing. Toyota says anyone who owns a bZ4X should stop driving it immediately and contact any Toyota dealer for a free loaner and repairs.

So far, Toyota doesn’t know what’s causing the issue — hub bolts used on the bZ4X aren’t exactly new technology. Right now the company is looking for the cause of the problem and what driving conditions make it more likely; the manufacturer says owners should not drive their bZ4Xs until a remedy has been developed and applied. The Subaru Solterra, which shares the bZ4X’s chassis, suffers from the same problem and is also being recalled, although it’s not yet on sale in the US.

This isn’t the only problem Toyota has had with bolts recently. Another recall one day later surfaced for 46,000 Tundra trucks, because some of the nuts on the rear axle assembly can come loose. At least the company has a remedy for this issue — tighten the nuts properly.

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