Tourist Hotspots Don’t Want Your Business

Tourist Hotspots Don't Want Your Business

( – As the coronavirus outbreak spreads across the US and the number of confirmed cases continues to rise, people are fleeing to their favorite vacation destinations. In theory, it makes sense. These areas have a smaller population, so there are fewer people and you don’t have the crowds you find in big cities. It would seem like these places are the safer option in the middle of a viral pandemic.

However, locals are not thrilled with the influx of these travelers, and their message is crystal clear: Go home!

The mayor of Astoria, Oregon put it this way:

Officials and locals in vacation areas throughout New Jersey, Oregon, and even Minnesota, are asking people not to come to their towns. Locals fear that these out-of-towners could bring the virus into their communities, putting a strain on their healthcare systems.

The message coming from local officials in these tourist towns is the same as the White House and the CDC: Please, stay home to help slow the spread of this virus.

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