Top Senator DEMANDS New Special Prosecutor To Investigate President Biden’s Son

Lindsey Graham Demands Objective Evaluation of Hunter Biden

Lindsey Graham Demands Objective Evaluation of Hunter Biden

( – For almost two years, Special Counsel Robert Mueller conducted an investigation into whether there was Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election and any involvement former President Donald Trump may have had in the matter. Given that officials took so much care to bring in a third party to investigate in that instance, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) feels the same method should also apply to the probe into the Hunter Biden scandal.

On September 19, the South Carolina legislator appeared on “Fox & Friends,” where he talked about the laptop investigation. Graham said someone other than a prosecutor from Biden’s home state should dig deeper into the alleged issues.

While the lawmaker admitted the Delaware attorney was a “fine fellow,” he questioned the fairness of having a special counsel investigate the 2016 general election allegations and contrasted that treatment to the lack of any interest in looking at the alleged activities of the current president’s son.

Graham would like to see a non-partisan individual outside the state examining the outstanding Biden family issues. During the interview, he insisted there was enough evidence to prove the “laptop is real,” although he pointed out the media has heavily suppressed the stories.

Do you think an independent counsel should dive into the Hunter Biden allegations, examine the contents of his laptop, and bring that knowledge to the public once and for all?

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