Top Republican In Danger Of Losing Seat

Photo by Louis Velazquez on Unsplash

( – South Carolina GOP congressman Ralph Norman, who is a member of the House Freedom Caucus, has indicated that he intends to run for Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s seat in 2026. Norman stated that he was considering running for the Senate and that Graham was “basically a liberal.”

Graham falls within the relatively moderate faction of the Republican party, and he has previously faced challenges for his seat from within the Republican party, however, those challenges usually came from relatively unknown candidates.

Norman, who is a hardline conservative Republican, could pose a significant challenge against Graham at a time when the far-right faction of the GOP is pushing to gain more influence within the party.

During an appearance on CNN, while talking to Manu Raju, Norman was asked if he had considered running in 2026 against Graham. In response, Norman said that he had and that while he liked Lindsey personally he was not a fan of his policies. He added that what he does not understand about the Senator is that after being elected he spent four years being essentially a liberal, and in the last two years he turned to a conservative.

Norman also pointed out that there were benefits to competition, and that he had not made a final decision on whether or not he would be challenging Graham or not. He added that this is about the 2026 race, which is far away in politics.

Graham in response has claimed that his focus is currently on the 2024 election and not on his potential reelection bid in the 2026 race.

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