Top Democrat SURPRISINGLY Backpedals — Admits City Is No Longer Safe

Democratic Representative Admits She Doesn't Feel Safe After Burglary

Democratic Representative Admits She Doesn’t Feel Safe After Burglary

( – According to an old saying, a conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged. For one Democrat congresswoman, that seems to be coming true. The lawmaker, who’s now running to be mayor of Los Angeles, was robbed recently — and her views on crime seem to have changed since then.

At a mayoral campaign debate in April, Representative Karen Bass (D-CA) dismissed crime problems in Los Angeles, saying, “I do feel safe, I would say a 10 (out of 10)… I feel safe.” Then, on September 10, she came home to find her home had been burglarized. Bass, being a strong advocate for gun control, said all that was stolen was two firearms she kept for self-defense. She claims the guns were “safely and securely stored.” Two suspects have now been arrested and charged with the burglary.

Bass admitted the burglary was “unnerving,” and her safety has been “shattered.” Will it affect her mayoral campaign? So far, Bass has pledged to be “smart” on policing and has come out with bizarre left-wing statements like “Los Angeles cannot arrest its way out of crime.”

Does she still feel the same now since criminals have violated her own home, or will she want them convicted and jailed?

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