Top Democrat Suggests Sacrificing Middle Class to End Bidenflation

Top Democrat Suggests Sacrificing Middle Class to End Bidenflation

Top Democrat’s Solution To Bidenflation: Screw Over Working Americans

( – On April 26, a reporter asked Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) if Democrats plan to use budget reconciliation to deal with the inflation crisis in the US. The Democrat responded, saying reconciliation is important but the only way the country will bring inflation down is by getting rid of former President Donald Trump’s tax cuts.

Trump and the GOP passed the historic tax cuts in 2017. It was the crowning achievement of his presidency. While the tax cuts benefited business owners and people in the top income brackets, middle America did see a boost. In 2019, the Wall Street Journal reported American families were able to save more money, a key to financial success. The businesses that benefited from the tax cuts were also able to hire more people and unemployment reached historic lows.

Then the pandemic hit America and President Joe Biden took office. Inflation began rising in November 2020. When Biden moved into the White House a few months later, he immediately passed a massive spending bill that caused inflation, already a problem, to rise.

Getting rid of Trump’s tax cuts would hurt a middle class already suffering from inflation. Unemployment would likely go up and small business owners would see their tax rates rise. Instead of spending or taking money that doesn’t belong to them, perhaps the government could take some time to balance its checkbook.

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