Top Democrat Caught In Secret Internet Group

Photo by Elijah Mears on Unsplash

( – Rep. Rashida Tlaib belongs to a secret social media group whose members have glamorized Hamas following the outbreak of the war between Israel and the Palestinian militant group which was the result of a terror attack against Israel on Oct. 7 led by Hamas. The attack resulted in hundreds of Israeli civilians losing their lives, while hundreds of others were taken as hostages.

Tlaib belongs to the Facebook group Palestinian American Congress which is hidden from non-members and does not show up as a search result on the platform.

Maher Abdel-qader the group’s founder is not only linked to Tlaib but also to other liberal politicians and has come under fire over his previously antisemitic posts online. In the past, he has also questioned whether the Holocaust had actually occurred.

The Palestinian American Congress group also shared a number of pro-Hamas posts following the Oct. 7 deadly terror attack on Israel by Hamas. On Oct. 12 one member posted a photo of an elderly Israeli woman being held captive by Hamas with a caption that stated they did not want to have her thrown to the sea but rather back to where she had come from.

On Oct. 19 a different group member had written about the “achievements” of the fighters and had included a picture of a Hamas fighter.

On Oct. 10 one group wrote in a post addressing the “American media” that they were the ones who had created this situation pointing out that they had been posting about Hamas while not mentioning all those Palestinians that the state of Israel had killed.

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