Top Biden Official Faces Impeachment

Photo by Chris Grafton on Unsplash

( – On Sunday, the House GOP introduced impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn., who brought forward the articles, accuses Mayorkas of having continuously and systematically refused to comply with the law. He further noted that this was a “breach of public trust.”

In the first article, the Republicans note that Mayorkas throughout his tenure in the Department of Homeland Security has violated laws that Congress had enacted regarding border security and immigration. They further noted that due to this conduct, millions of illegal immigrants were allowed to enter the United States annually. They add that Mayorkas’s failure to obey the law was also a threat to the country’s national security. 

In the second article, the Republicans allege that Mayorkas had knowingly provided Congress with a false statement when he had argued that the border was as “secure” as it had previously been. He had also noted that the border is “closed” and that his department had “operational control” over the Southern border.

Green, who serves as the House Homeland Security Committee chair argued that these articles are clearly setting the case against Mayorkas who has willfully refused to comply with Congress’ immigration laws and had breached public trust. 

On Friday, House Speaker Mike Johnson stated that there would be a House-wide vote on a possible Mayorkas impeachment “as soon as possible.” He added that according to the most recent polling, illegal migration continued to be one of the key issues for American voters.

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