Top Biden Official Claims Biden’s Approach to Putin Wasn’t a Mistake

Top Biden Official Claims Biden's Approach to Putin Wasn't a Mistake

( – National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan stood by President Biden on Monday, claiming to journalists that the president hadn’t made one of his infamous gaffes when he claimed Russian leader Vladimir Putin is “a killer.” It’s one way to bolster Biden’s faltering reputation, but as a diplomatic maneuver, it could use some polishing.

On March 22, Sullivan insisted Biden hadn’t made a mistake when talking to MSNBC last week. “President Biden was asked a direct question. He gave a direct answer.” He continued by saying that while there are “significant challenges” in working with Russia, our countries will cooperate where we have common interests. It’s unclear whether Russia agrees.

Last week, Moscow recalled its ambassador to the US for the first time since 1998, and Russian and Chinese officials issued a joint statement condemning Biden’s behavior.

Putin himself hit back, targeting Biden’s weak spot with ruthless efficiency – he challenged the president to a live debate, an offer the White House was quick to dodge. Sullivan needs to choose his words more carefully; insulting Russia’s notoriously touchy and aggressive president might not have been an accident, but it was definitely a mistake.

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