Top Biden Insider Calls Who Spineless?

United States Department of State, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – MSNBC host and former White House press secretary Jen Psaki criticized Republican candidates for the 2024 presidential primary, following their defense of Donald Trump after the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision to remove him from the state’s primary ballot. This ruling, a response to Trump’s alleged role in the January 6 Capitol riots, is set to be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Several GOP figures, including former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, publicly opposed the Colorado court’s decision. Haley described it as “unthinkable” and a threat to democracy, while DeSantis labeled it a political “stunt” likely to benefit Trump. Chris Christie, known for his critical stance on Trump, also expressed disapproval, considering the ruling harmful for the country.

Psaki viewed these reactions as indicative of a broader pattern within the GOP, highlighting what she perceives as a lack of courage among Trump’s primary competitors in facing his legal challenges. She linked this to Republican primary voters’ attitudes, many of whom, according to polls, are not concerned by Trump’s multiple criminal indictments and view the legal actions as politically motivated.

A YouGov poll revealed that about three-quarters of Republican voters disagreed with the Colorado Supreme Court’s ruling. Psaki pointed out that despite Trump’s legal issues, his primary rivals do not see these as detrimental, mirroring the sentiment of the Republican electorate.

Additionally, Psaki commented on the reported threats made against Colorado Supreme Court justices after their ruling. She observed this as part of a worrying trend where Trump supporters resort to threats or violence against those opposing the former president.

Despite the Colorado court’s decision and the ongoing legal controversies, Trump maintains a strong lead in the GOP primary, with about 64 percent support nationally, as per The Hill/Decision Desk HQ’s average of polls.

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