Tim Kaine Claims Supreme Court Not the “Business” of a President

Tim Kaine Claims Supreme Court Not the

(TargetLiberty.org) – Senior Democrats’ reluctance to answer questions about packing the Supreme Court gets more ridiculous by the day. Now, apparently, Joe Biden doesn’t have to answer questions about SCOTUS because “it’s not his business.”

Appointing Supreme Court justices is the president’s responsibility, but Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) says court-packing has nothing to do with the president. On Monday, Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Kaine why Biden refuses to say if he plans to pack the court or not. Incredibly, Kaine replied, “Because it’s not his business, the Constitution gives no power to the president or vice president to pack the court.”

Kaine seems to believe that, because only Congress can pass a law to increase the number of justices, that means Biden has no influence over it. However, he’s been a senator since 2013 and was Hillary Clinton’s running mate four years ago. So, it seems unlikely he really doesn’t know that if Congress did pass such a law, the president would have the option of either signing it or vetoing it.

If Biden becomes president, it’s his decision whether the Supreme Court gets packed with Liberal justices or not – and he’s refusing to tell us his plans.

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